WAVE PTX eBrochure

5 800-774-6535 | WWW.TLKPTT.COM NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION INSTANT CONNECTION ACROSS ANY DEVICE, FROM ANY LOCATION and other broadband devices can connect whenever and wherever needed. Motorola Solutions TLK Series radios offer the benefits of the WAVE PTX Mobile app in a rugged two-way radio design that operates region-wide on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G mobile phone networks. With these simple PTT devices, workers can directly access colleagues with crisp, clear audio. All without the need to build and maintain complex radio infrastructure. TLK Series radios are purpose built for rugged use across a range of loud and dispersed worksites including manufacturing, construction, private security, transportation, and field service. No texting, apps, or email to get in the way. With intuitive PTT operations, long battery life and seamless deployment, employees across a range of industries can get started immediately. USE CASE BRIEF | WAVE PTX 4 KEEP YOUR TEAM PRODUCTIVE In the age of nearly instant delivery and fast service, consumers and businesses expect speed, reliability, and convenience at every turn. Customers demand the best: next-hour delivery; accurate, real-time travel information; instant gratification; and seamless services. Tolerance for disruption is incredibly low in a reality where businesses and individuals are used to getting almost anything, any time they want. In short, the baseline for a “good” customer experience is on the rise – and it’s driving up expectations across all sectors While companies that rely on delivering goods, people, or services to businesses or communities are always striving to be on time, these elevated consumer expectations and increased volume of transit have strained organizations. The table stakes have been raised, and fleet organizations are struggling to keep up and stay competitive in an increasingly tough environment. Beyond avoiding downtime, your organization must be able to step up to intensified market conditions. If you can deliver sooner and provide service faster, with fewer errors and at a lower cost, you have a critical advantage. We live in an always-on, instant-connection world where an answer is just a text or call away. Many workers still need a purpose-built device that includes the communication tools they need while eliminating everything they don’t. They need instant voice communication – whether that’s within a building, on the road, or across the country - without complex interfaces and the distractions of other devices. With WAVE PTX, TLK Series radios, and the EVOLVE LTE handheld, your employees can stay connected anywhere in the world. At the single push of a button, they have direct access to colleagues with crisp, clear audio, regardless of the device or network they use. All without the need to build and maintain radio infrastructure. WAVE PTX, TLK Series radios, and the EVOLVE LTE handheld are an integrated communications solution that allows all workers to connect at the pace of today’s business expectations – across any device, from any location, instantly.