WAVE PTX eBrochure

37 800-774-6535 | WWW.TLKPTT.COM PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Traditional two-way radio coverage only covers your facility. TLK Series radios merge the power of wide-area mobile broadband with the simplicity and functionality of a PTT two-way radio, making them ideal for trucking, shipping, towing, and other transportation and logistics companies. WAVE PTX connects all employees’ devices, from smartphones and TLK Series radios, to laptops and tablets. Drivers can instantly connect with the warehouse, including those on digital or analogue MOTOTRBO devices, with other drivers or even with a customer expecting a shipment. Dispatchers can set up location-based talk groups, so conversations can be limited to people within a specific facility or area, prioritising essential interactions. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS: TAKING INSTANT CONNECTIVITY ON THE ROAD In addition, TLK Series radios and WAVE PTX integrate with Motorola Solutions’ technology ecosystem, further automating security functions with AI and analytics. For instance, workers and security personnel can get automatic alerts on their radio or other device when a loading bay is blocked or an unauthorised visitor accesses a secure area.