WAVE PTX eBrochure

32 800-774-6535 | WWW.TLKPTT.COM WAVE PTX INTEGRATIONS MAXIMIZE EVENT RESPONSE WITH WAVE PTX AND ORCHESTRATE INTEGRATION Get the right information to the right people faster with orchestrate, our cloud-based tool that automatically notifies WAVE PTX users when an event requires attention. With the integration of WAVE PTX into Orchestrate, users can automatically receive notifications on iOS or Android smartphones, independent of location or network, when an abnormal or critical security situation occurs. WAVE PTX and Orchestrate integration streamlines your workflows, improves team productivity, and increases communication efficiency. Automatically monitoring remote areas, maximizing resources Securely harvesting operational data 24/7 Leveraging And Evaluating Real-Time Data Providing Actionable Alerts Based on Trigger Type Setting Up Rule-Based Workflows Initiating TriggerConditional Logic Accelerated Event Response Automatically Logging Of Event Information AUTOMATED SITUATIONAL AWARENESS ON ANY WAVE PTX DEVICE • Rule-based workflows trigger automatic notification of events. • Receive text message notification on WAVE PTX device. • Get right information to right people at right time, independent of network or location. • Reduce response times and enhance situational awareness. The result is less downtime and fewer breaches because it is easier and faster for teams to detect, analyze, and respond to operational events. DETECT ANALYZE COMMUNICATE RESPOND