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Rapid, Reliable Deployment Use Nationwide

Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE TLK 100 Two-Way Radio gets your team connected fast. Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio, location tracking and Wi-Fi. Increase efficiency with single-button operations and long battery life.

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Accelerate the Flow of Information within Your Organization and Increase Productivity with Secure, Affordable Push-To-Talk

WAVE PTX Mobile App

The Next Generation of Push-to-Talk


Get More Done Faster with WAVE PTX

Accelerate the Flow of Information within Your Organization and Increase Productivity with Secure, Affordable Push-To-Talk.

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When it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk and there’s no faster way to get started than with a WAVE cloud-based subscription. Your team can be up and running in less than an hour and you get predictable costs without long-term commitments.

Monitor, Text and Talk WAVE Dispatch

Monitor, Text and Talk WAVE PTX™ Dispatch

Simplify day-to-day operations with WAVE PTX™ Dispatch. Login from any Internet connection and get access to all the communication tools you need to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation. Regardless of location, with WAVE Dispatch you’re just a click away.

WAVE Dispatch

WAVE PTX™ Dispatch Lives in the Cloud, Not On Your PC, Freeing You from Maintenance and Manual Software Updates.


About the WAVE PTX™ Mobile App

Popular Questions

WAVE PTX™ Frequently Asked Questions

WAVE PTX™ is a push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions. It connects teams at the push of a button across different networks and devices. It eliminates the barriers between devices, networks and locations to let everyone be part of the conversation.

WAVE TLK Series two-way radios provide businesses with instant push-to-talk team communications over a nationwide LTE cellular network. This one bundled solution including the radio, cellular service and software is built specifically for the demanding needs of businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce.

The device also:

  • Can be deployed out-of-the-box ready for team collaboration
  • Provides communication and location tracking while meeting federal, safe-driving requirements
  • Allows immediate, remote updating anywhere across the country
  • Is easily scaled to meet a business’ changing needs
  • Minimizes administration requirements to save businesses time and money
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